In-Hand Harmony


You’ve always dreamed of having your own horse and now you finally do! You have an athletic, graceful, gorgeous equine partner to love with all your heart.

The only problem is, when you go to halter him he turns his backside to you and walks away. When you’re leading him, he shoulders into your space. He won’t let you pick up his feet. He rears when you ask him to “walk on” or races around when being longed on a circle. For some reason, he pins his ears at you every time you feed him. He hates clippers. He won’t stand still when you want to mount up. And, just this little thing, he refuses to go into the trailer.

So now you’re not sure if you’ve chosen the right horse, or maybe you’re even to the point of wondering if horses are right for you.

In-Hand Harmony LogoMaybe it’s time for you to learn how to read your horse; learn how to communicate on his, or her, level; and to become the leader your horse has been waiting for. And maybe it’s time you got a little help from someone who won’t degrade, yell at or punish you — or your horse — but instead will help you both achieve a rewarding partnership. 

Now, that’s where I can help you.

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